14 OCTOBER 1997


The South African Revenue Service has, with effect from 1 October 1997, launched a tax base broadening programme with the aim to track down unregistered taxpayers. This programme will entail the utilisation of a wide variety of techniques to track down tax dodgers – these include amongst others, block searches of demarcated areas, searching the Yellow pages, government gazette, classified advertisements, State tender records, forex applications and trust records in the Masters office.

Emphasis will be on businesses rather than salaried employees from whom PAYE has been deducted.

There has been some criticism, perhaps with some justification, from registered taxpayers that SARS concentrates on soft targets. It is now the time to widen that base to make certain that everybody contributes.

All unregistered businesses can expect special attention even during weekends

The last tax relief ended 28 February 1997 with few taxpayers coming into the net. In the past some work was done in expanding the tax base, but this was secondary to other duties and staff shortages prevented the establishment of full time sections. Dedicated teams in each office have been established to focus on the broadening of the tax base.

Unregistered persons are advised to come forward out of their own accord. Those who continue to flout the law and wait for the knock on their door can expect little sympathy, and face penalties of up to twice the tax payable as well as interest on arrears.

On 14 October 1997 during the National Tax Day, all Receivers of Revenue countrywide will participate in an attempt to visit all businesses albeit central, residential or industrial, in their area in an effort to clamp down on tax evasion.

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Office of the Commissioner
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