The Legal Gun Owners Aim For Responsibility

Khuseleka Gun Association was formed by players in the weapons industry to deal with the challenges posed by new developments in the country.

The organisation aims to be proactive and represents the views of all its members.

Our government initiated several commissions to make proposals in the revamping of the issuing of licences and to look at new legislation. Khuseleka has made representations to the respective commissions and is liasing with the respective government departments to represent the views of its members.

Khuseleka has clearly stated that if any process[es] are to succeed it must the people driven and represent the views of all roleplayers. A full update will be given to our members when the time arises.

The organisation also feels that the energies of groups calling for the abolition of private gun ownership would be better spent fighting crime. Khuseleka supports responsible gun ownership and is launching education programmes and the first gun club in Khayelitsha. It [is] also discussing, with the Department of Safety and Security, a joint campaign to remove illegal firearms from the streets.

Call Osmond Shaboodien at 25-2527 for information.

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