20 MAY 2004


The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has appealed to taxpayers to submit duly completed income tax returns and to pay detailed attention to essential information.

These include the respondents' signatures and the branch numbers of their banks.

SARS spokesperson, Sechaba Nkosi, said that all incomplete returns received would be returned to the taxpayer, which would require re-submission thereof.

"This could have penalty implications if you return it after the 9 July deadline," said Nkosi.

Nkosi said taxpayers should sign their returns.

"If you do not sign your return, SARS will regard it as a non-submission and it will be returned to you," added Nkosi. "You need to sign the return yourself and remember to state if your return was filled in by someone other than you, even though you are ultimately responsible."

Nkosi said 'PP' signatures would not be accepted. He said where a power of attorney or another handing over of authority had been given to the person completing the return, a copy of the relevant document must be submitted with the tax return to verify the person's signature on the return.

Nkosi emphasised that taxpayers should also remember to furnish SARS with correct banking details including the branch number. He said SARS preferred to use the electronic method of rebate payments instead of issuing cheques to speed up operational efficiencies.

"It is essential that taxpayers' banking details are correct. Incorrect information could result in refunds being made into incorrect bank accounts," said Nkosi.

Nkosi cautioned against requests for extensions saying unnecessary extensions are not in the interest of South Africa's taxpayers.

He said as part of improving its functional operations, SARS wanted to make sure that returns are processed on time. He said no blanket extension would be considered in respect of any taxpayer category this Filing Season.

"Granting extensions delays this process, which in turn slows operations down," said Nkosi.

Should individual taxpayers, need to request an extension until 30 September 2004, applications, indicating reasons for this, should be submitted to SARS on or before 30 June 2004 or by visiting

This deadline applies to individuals in receipt of the IT12S, IT12SS or IT12SB forms.

Special extensions for submission of returns after 30 September 2004, would only be considered for individuals who are directors of companies, members of close corporations or beneficiaries of trusts, should the taxpayer be dependent on the finalisation of the affairs of such company or trust.

"In such cases, the details of the company or trust involved must be submitted with the individual's extension application," Nkosi explained.

The maximum extension date in such cases is 28 February 2005.

For more information please contact Sechaba Nkosi at (012) 422 5046 or 082 465 2901 or go to, and click on the Filing Season icon.


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